dinsdag, 24 augustus 2004

Alternative cure

´Porgy! Poooorgy! Come here! Sit on my shoulder! You cool? Anyway, since about a week or so, I don´t feel as happy and cheerful as I used to be. Maybe it´s post-summer depression or a simple pre-autumn dip… I thought you should know. Thanks. Now, shoo! Shoo! Fly away´

´Ober! Ooooober! Hi QT… Hop on my finger! Sitting comfi? By the way, I checked my bank account the other day, and I am deep in the blue, almost broke. So I bought this lottery ticket… Just to let you know. Kissy and shoo. Shoo!´

´Mango! Mango-sweetie. Come to mama! I understand you can´t fly yet, because your too young and all, but you really have to try. For me. (…) You´re not helping…´*sigh*



The birds have no idea why I keep catching them, whispering stuff to them and then releasing them – but in India they believe it really works

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