maandag, 23 augustus 2004

The One With The Naked Couple

Remember how Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross of ‘Friends‘ sometimes saw ‘Ugly Naked Guy‘ when they looked out of their window? We have our own. Or actually: we have ‘Ugly Naked Couple’. They live in a house behind our apartment building. There used to be a factory building in between, but that has been torn down last year. Now, the terrain lays fallow, and we can see across the field, right into their house. They could have walked naked in their own house safely for years, no one could see them with that big building in the way. Now, everyone who lives above the third floor in our building can see them from their winter gardens. We think they know – they must know, there have been comments about them – but they just don’t care.

“Don’t watch”, is easier said than done. It’s definitely not voyeurism: Ugly Naked Couple are not the prettiest of people. When you see them you don’t wanna watch, but you keep looking. Like you would do while watching a scary movie: you look away, hide your face behind your hands, yet you peak to check if the scary moment has gone away…

Oh no! It has not gone away. They are still naked! IIIIIEEEEWWW!!!

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