dinsdag, 17 augustus 2004

Warning: depression

10 Years ago I went to University. I was going to finish my M.Sc. in Geology in four years and conquer the world after that! It took me 7 years, but I joined a Forbes 500 company even before I officially graduated. The world was in my hands… Training in Houston, work in the UK, Faroer Islands. The Plan was simple: I was going to do the mudlogging thing for a little while and then move directly into wellsite geology, or company woman. Then I would become a consultant or senior geo of an E&P; team… Thing did not go according to The Plan. The Company went through a mayor downsizing operation, and others too. Our department was laid off completely. I thought I would find another job real soon. I had my degree, my experience… Others too, and more of it. 18 months later, I am still unemployed. I had a hell of a reality check: a pile of “We are sorry to inform…” and other ‘nice’ rejection letters in my desk.

I know things don’t always go according to Plans in life- ‘Guidelines only, subject to changes’ – but that does not mean it does not suck big time! Does any one have another Plan for me?

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