maandag, 16 augustus 2004

It’s getting hot in herre

The milk turned into yoghurt and the Gouda into cheese spread, I noticed when I tried to make myself breakfast. I poured myself some coffee and swore. #%^&!!! The hottest week of the year and the fridge gave up. I checked the thermometer: 15 degC, where it should be 4 to 7 degC. #%^&!!! Everything gone off, except for the beer.

We bought a new second-hand. We let it settle for a day and turned it on. 24 hours later we checked the temperature. Twelve degrees. #%^&!!!

We bought a new thermometer and placed it inside for 6 hours. Thirteen degrees. #%^&!!!

We phoned the fridge guy. “How warm is the house itself?”, he asked. “25 degC”, we replied. “Too warm, the fridge can’t loose its heath”.

#%^&!!! It was never the fridge, it’s the house…

Does anyone need a – perfectly working – fridge?

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