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maandag, 30 augustus 2004

Oh! What a day!



Lost in fairy tales, lots of giggling, hurting feet, laughter, food and booze!

zondag, 29 augustus 2004

Sunday morning (3):


MyLove’s brother is getting married in a week. His bachelor party was last night: he was kidnapped by his friends and brothers and they traveled to the north of this country – only 250 km :-D – for booze and strippers. “His” kind of fun. They have not returned home yet…

We women are a lot more civilized: the bachelorette will be woken up – loudly! – any minute now and after a nice breakfast, she will be taken to ….. ( HA! CeCe, really, you did not think I was gonna tell you where we’re gonna take you!) and afterwards we’ll have dinner in town. No booze, no strippers, just plain girly fun!

Less ‘filthy’: definitely! Less drunk: seriously! A wonderful day for the bride-to-be, her style: abso-bloody-lutely!

zaterdag, 28 augustus 2004



I haven’t forgotten about y’all!

I am just incredibly busy. Next door. In my own house… A renovation is infectious! So, we have our own little “Extreme house make-over“: paint the ceiling (white again, instead of nicotine-brownish), new floor (laminated flooring)… Busy, busy, busy..

In the meantime, entertain yourselves with this ‘Fun on FriSaturday’ game. Try to get the kittens in your wheelbarrow to the other side of the cleft and DON’T drop them…(source)

woensdag, 25 augustus 2004

Neighbours (2)


Brother in law has accepted the apartment next door! Cool! However, we have to redefine the whole brother/neighbour relationship thing. More contact than with the ordinary person next door, but not too much. A balance between family visits and daily ‘checks’… We’ll figure it out. Later.

In the meantime it comes in handy that the neighbourette – ‘moi’ – has no job and is available on a 24/7 basis. Needless to say that she has to do the crappy chores. Got to go now, I have a room full of flowery wallpaper waiting for me to strip it off the wall!

dinsdag, 24 augustus 2004

Alternative cure


´Porgy! Poooorgy! Come here! Sit on my shoulder! You cool? Anyway, since about a week or so, I don´t feel as happy and cheerful as I used to be. Maybe it´s post-summer depression or a simple pre-autumn dip… I thought you should know. Thanks. Now, shoo! Shoo! Fly away´

´Ober! Ooooober! Hi QT… Hop on my finger! Sitting comfi? By the way, I checked my bank account the other day, and I am deep in the blue, almost broke. So I bought this lottery ticket… Just to let you know. Kissy and shoo. Shoo!´

´Mango! Mango-sweetie. Come to mama! I understand you can´t fly yet, because your too young and all, but you really have to try. For me. (…) You´re not helping…´*sigh*



The birds have no idea why I keep catching them, whispering stuff to them and then releasing them – but in India they believe it really works

maandag, 23 augustus 2004

The One With The Naked Couple


Remember how Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross of ‘Friends‘ sometimes saw ‘Ugly Naked Guy‘ when they looked out of their window? We have our own. Or actually: we have ‘Ugly Naked Couple’. They live in a house behind our apartment building. There used to be a factory building in between, but that has been torn down last year. Now, the terrain lays fallow, and we can see across the field, right into their house. They could have walked naked in their own house safely for years, no one could see them with that big building in the way. Now, everyone who lives above the third floor in our building can see them from their winter gardens. We think they know – they must know, there have been comments about them – but they just don’t care.

“Don’t watch”, is easier said than done. It’s definitely not voyeurism: Ugly Naked Couple are not the prettiest of people. When you see them you don’t wanna watch, but you keep looking. Like you would do while watching a scary movie: you look away, hide your face behind your hands, yet you peak to check if the scary moment has gone away…

Oh no! It has not gone away. They are still naked! IIIIIEEEEWWW!!!

zondag, 22 augustus 2004

Hmmm… Sunday


I just spent the entire day on the sofa – chips and coke on the side table – watching other people sport. I only moved to go to the loo and get more to drink from the kitchen, yet I feel increadibly active… ;-)

vrijdag, 20 augustus 2004



MyLove’s brother is moving out of Hotel Mama. After four years of waiting on the ‘affordable-rental-apartment-in-town-center’-list, due to housing shortage. Finally, an apartment has been allotted to him and his girlfriend.

Right next door to ours! Can you believe it?! 1500 houses in this part of town, and they might become OUR neighbours?! Ah well, we don’t have a problem with it: we won’t be checking on them or wanting to drink coffee with them every single day. I bet we won’t see each other more often than I see them or my current neighbours now. It will be handy for the parents: two sons in one go. The only person I can imagine who will find the situation annoying might be the mail man…

donderdag, 19 augustus 2004

It´s in the stars


I just checked my horoscope for this week. I should have checked it last Monday: then I would have had a perfectly good reason to stay in bed with the covers over my head…

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strong emotional & physical ties. (…) You may be very vulnerable and sensitive, especially when it comes to your own creativity and your need for self-expression. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. (…) You could be tempted to run away at the wrong moment. Take a step backward, gain new perspective, and try to attract the right people and situations into your life. There are many wonderful ways of expressing your feelings. Look deep inside for answers.

Better luck next week!

woensdag, 18 augustus 2004



Different day, different car, same outcome and comments…