woensdag, 07 juli 2004


Ten minutes before closing-time, I stormed into the shop. No need to cut in line – and take my rightful position in the hierarchy – , the other clients were just looking around. I walked up to the counter, and ordered: “Half a pound of Milano and half a pound of Santos, medium-coarsely grinded for the Krups Espresso machine”. The man behind the counter looked impressed. I waited impatiently, while he prepared my order. I paid and rushed out, leaving behind the looks of admiration from the other – obviously inexperienced – clients.

Around the corner of the coffee-roasting house, I burst out laughing. No idea what I just ordered: I had just memorised the shopping list of a desperate coffee-connoisseur… With the right attitude, you can fool the world. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!

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