dinsdag, 06 juli 2004

Dinner and a movie

“Lets do something romantic tonight”

Just like that, completely out of the blue, this line left my mouth. Boredom off course, nothing on TV, finished the dishes, me on the sofa, Love behind the computer.

“Sure, what do you wanna do?” he replied. Stunned by the fact he actually wanted to leave the rattling machine for a couple of hours, I needed a minute to think. “A movie?” I suggested, not straying to far from the ‘watching coloured things moving on a screen’-theme that has kept us busy for the past 3 weeks. “Which one, then?” Oh, oh. 7.30 PM, movies start at 8 or 8:15 PM. Only 15 minutes to decide. Normally, we need about three hours. It’s the usual – couple – dilemma: rom-com or a thriller. The solution: compromise. In turns. So, what did we watch last time? Think, Solly, think! Troy? No, that was with the girls…


“What?”, I say absent-minded, puzzled by the funny noise My Love appears to be making, yet occupied with remembering movies I watched lately.

“Shrek , Two, the movie!” (I can almost hear the ‘doh!’ and ‘you stupid woman!’)

So we went out to watch Shrek 2. Not your standard romantic movie, but I can definitely recommend it for a date. We laughed throughout the film. A lot. We giggled our way back home. We kissed…

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