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vrijdag, 30 juli 2004

Fun on Friday (4)


A month ago, I failed my drivers exam (remember?), but I will give it another try in 3 weeks. I have taken extra lessons, but I really need some more practice

donderdag, 29 juli 2004



This morning, I had an appointment with the dentist. A broken filling had to be replaced. Nothing special, I break fillings on a regular basis, cause I’m a clencher. I don’t grind my teeth in my sleep, but I clench my jaws when I’m stressed out or thinking to deep. My dentist tried to forbid me to think or stress, but that did not work out ;-D … The procedure started as usual: local anaesthetic, tampon, a bit of chatting till the numbness in my tong/lips made talking impossible, drilling… and then – instead of the normal next step: application of filling – I heard the dentist say: “Hmmm”. He called his assistant, she replied with another: “Hmmm”. So I went:”Hmmm???”. Apparently, below the broken filling, caries had already affected the tooth. Which meant… (drums, please)… Root canal! Before coffee!

An hour after I walked in, I left the practice. With one stretched, sagging corner of my mouth, a deep-cleaned and fast-filled tooth, an appointment to finish up and a prescription for pain killers.

I have just taken one of the pain killers: I don’t feel pain, I am very relaxed and I can’t think straight anymore… Sounds like I found THE solution against the jaw-clenching ;-D

woensdag, 28 juli 2004

Confessions of a sleepy head


My Love has a summer job. You might think this is a good thing – more money, more quality time between me and my computer – but it is not…

He has to be at work at 7.30 AM, hence: get out of bed at 6:30 AM. (Have I ever told you, that My Love is definitely not a morning person – as morning starts before noon…) Hence: for the past couple of days, I have kicked him out of bed at 6:45 AM, drank coffee and had breakfast with him, kissed and waved him goodbye and started my day. Early. Do constructive stuff, like sending out resumes, cleaning, laundry… Till it hit me. Hard. OMG: I sound like a freaking house wife!!!

Time for action:

This morning, I went back after the kicking, coffee and kissing routine and only woke up half an hour ago. Nice. I will be having breakfast at noon. Nice. No constructive stuff today, I’ll be in the park. Tanning, drinking lemonade and reading magazines. Nice…

dinsdag, 27 juli 2004



“Mum, the sky has a really funny colour today… No shade of gray, anyway.”

“It’s called blue, dear.”

“Is this the ‘blue sky’ I’ve read so much about? ”

“Yes, dear, it is!”



“Mommy, mommy!”

“What, dear?”

“I saw a giant golden ball at the horizon. It’s bright and shining… my eyes hurt. Is it a meteorite? Are we going to die?!”

“No, sweetie, the thing is called ‘sun’”


“The sun, and it’s a good thing – at least, that’s what I remember about it. It’s been a while, since I’ve last seen it. I must have been your age…”

maandag, 26 juli 2004

Poetry from prison


Apparently, “Saddam Hussein is spending his time in solitary confinement writing poetry, gardening, reading the Qur’an and snacking on American muffins and cookies. One of his poems is about his arch-enemy George Bush”.(source)

Too bad the Iraqi human rights minister, who visited him last Saturday, had “no time to read (the poem)”, but I bet it would be somewhat similar to this one:

“Polls drop, keep filling Bush with dread.

Disaster is seen; his lies harpooned, with more troops dead.

Lyin’ still is he.

Through… poll levers, gonna stop his reign; Bush is waning.

Vote while you’re free.

A war criminal, he…”

(to the melody of “Raindrops keep falling on my head”)

Maybe Boot Newt is only a pseudonym…

zaterdag, 24 juli 2004

Walk this way


Walk this way!Yes, I have done it!

I walked “Nijmegen” for the 14th time. I -as a woman – am allowed to walk 40 a day in order to receive a medal, yet I walked 50 kilometers a day, with the men. For the first time, as a challenge. It was tough, but I loved it! Pro: More space to walk my own pace, less crowded, more attention of men ;-D. Con: the ‘extra 10 km’ loops – compared to “the 40″ – we had to walk: very little people at the side of the road, very boring. Normally – read: along the 40 route – the crowd is the perfect distraction from pain (muscle-ache, blisters, knees). They clap and cheer and support the walkers. I was happy that I took my walk man with me, cause sometimes it was so boring that only the music on the radio to kept me going. Very con: the starting time: 4 AM!!! Which meant I had to get up at 2:45 AM. A quarter to three in the morning! Normally I go to bed at that time.

No blisters, no painful muscles, but the weather was the biggest problem: typical Dutch summer days. Day 1: sun and rain; day 2: fog, sun, rain, thunderstorm; day 3: fog, sun, tropical heath; day 4: thunderstorm, rain, sun, tropical heath… Anyway: I made it. 4927 others – of 44638 people who started the first day – did not make it to the finish.

ps. Yes, I know I promised daily updates, yet there was no internet-facility at the place I stayed and I was to tired to go out and find one.

maandag, 19 juli 2004

Walk on


I am off the Nijmegen, to participate in the Four Day Marches… I will be walking 50 km per day, so wish me luck. Off course I will try to find a place to log and tell you all about the pain, the horror, the blisters and the fun. Have a nice week!

zondag, 18 juli 2004

Sunday morning feeling (2):


… Or more a case of disaster tourism: stroll around the neighbourhood and check out – read: take pictures of – the damage caused by yesterday‘s storm

zondag, 18 juli 2004

After the party…


Sun – future funk with Roog and Tom Stephan – beer – cool decoration – kissing in the Ferris wheel – My Love’s Japanese genes – old friends – chilling at the beach – fruit – hugs’n'kisses – good old Remy pumped up tha bass – hotdog – beer – scary clouds – gales – find shelter in the bar – rain – solidarity – plastic ponchos – overflowing toilets – meeting point – sun again – audiobullys – techno – lots of love – Steve Rachmad and Cari Lekebush – fireworks – one last p – tired – find the car – drive home – sleep now – smile – photo’s….

zaterdag, 17 juli 2004



I’m off to Extrema Outdoor, the BEST dance party of the year! And… the sun IS shining!!! Later…