maandag, 26 juli 2004

Poetry from prison

Apparently, “Saddam Hussein is spending his time in solitary confinement writing poetry, gardening, reading the Qur’an and snacking on American muffins and cookies. One of his poems is about his arch-enemy George Bush”.(source)

Too bad the Iraqi human rights minister, who visited him last Saturday, had “no time to read (the poem)”, but I bet it would be somewhat similar to this one:

“Polls drop, keep filling Bush with dread.

Disaster is seen; his lies harpooned, with more troops dead.

Lyin’ still is he.

Through… poll levers, gonna stop his reign; Bush is waning.

Vote while you’re free.

A war criminal, he…”

(to the melody of “Raindrops keep falling on my head”)

Maybe Boot Newt is only a pseudonym…

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