donderdag, 29 juli 2004


This morning, I had an appointment with the dentist. A broken filling had to be replaced. Nothing special, I break fillings on a regular basis, cause I’m a clencher. I don’t grind my teeth in my sleep, but I clench my jaws when I’m stressed out or thinking to deep. My dentist tried to forbid me to think or stress, but that did not work out ;-D … The procedure started as usual: local anaesthetic, tampon, a bit of chatting till the numbness in my tong/lips made talking impossible, drilling… and then – instead of the normal next step: application of filling – I heard the dentist say: “Hmmm”. He called his assistant, she replied with another: “Hmmm”. So I went:”Hmmm???”. Apparently, below the broken filling, caries had already affected the tooth. Which meant… (drums, please)… Root canal! Before coffee!

An hour after I walked in, I left the practice. With one stretched, sagging corner of my mouth, a deep-cleaned and fast-filled tooth, an appointment to finish up and a prescription for pain killers.

I have just taken one of the pain killers: I don’t feel pain, I am very relaxed and I can’t think straight anymore… Sounds like I found THE solution against the jaw-clenching ;-D

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