donderdag, 17 juni 2004

Who is Solly?

Solly is Offline (strangely enough)

Solly is drinking too much of the black stuff on her stay in Ireland (…)

Solly is right (always; ask my love)

Solly is mathematically challenged (…true)

Solly is the first brand in India capitalising on the `big’ trend (yippy! I am a brand!)

Solly is my great grandmother who married into the family (at 28?)

Solly is dead at 53 (so I still have… – see 3 lines above this one)

Solly is sent to a Hitler Youth school (hmmm…)

Solly is poisoned during dessert at her engagement party (mental note: no engagement party)

Solly is the worst child ever (anything positive, please?)

Solly is your typical Neanderthal sex goddess (:-D)

Solvalou found 89 ways to describe what Solly is. (source)

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