woensdag, 16 juni 2004

More sports

I am lazy by nature. I am naturally thin, so no need to exercise. I used to maintain my figure without doing anything special for it. In fact, I used to sport out of guilt. So people thought I did do something. I picked the less-sweaty-yet-still-active-enough sport of all: long distance walking. Exercise, fun, and meditation. All in one.

Unfortunately, I got older and my body too. My “winter kilo” did not magically disappear this Spring, like it used to do in the years before. Damn. So now I walk with a one extra reason! Getting that fat of my behind!

If these extra kilometers don’t work, I will take serious measures: Tel Sell stuff. Windsor Pilates, Ab Tronics, Reduce Fat fast… “It really works!!!” is promised by the super-sculpted bodies on TV… We’ll see. It’s only a last resort.

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