vrijdag, 04 juni 2004

All you need is

Love – or more specific: to be in love with, and loved back by another human being – is the greatest feeling of them all. Sometimes I take my love for granted, because he’s been with me for a while. Most of the times I know our love is special, because it has survived study, going abroad, work and unemployment. We still argue, cry, sleep and most of all laugh together…

For some of my friends, love is not that simple. They don’t take it for granted, like I do, in fact, for some it’s some sort of Holy Grail. They search all around, get close to it, yet never find the real thing. One of my single friends has been signed up (by another friend) for a TV-show: “the Perfect Partner”. She has to do a screentest today and I join her for mental support. I really hope she makes it to the show and finds true love. She definitely deserves it!

ps. I dressed up a bit too. I won’t be screen tested, but you never know who I might meet in a TV studio… A director in search of new talent? Here I am! :-)

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