donderdag, 03 juni 2004

22-2-1974 Martijn 03-06-2000

“I can feel the air I breathe

I can see we all agree

Unwilling to change for society

We’ll be who we wanna be”

(from the obituary card)

4 Years already? How time flies… I can still remember your smile, your honesty, your love for Nouk… The adventures, skipping school. “Look: I have a new piercing!” #7 or #8. How you untied my shoe laces at the Lowlands Festival, because you thought the shoes were uncomfortable… Sweetie!

You asked us to “never compromise, and you will never live a lie”. I try every day. Knowing you watch over me like a guardian angel is comforting. Sweet dreams forever, Grote Tijn.

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