zondag, 16 mei 2004

Eleven points?!

I fell asleep halfway through the televoting . One: it was oh,so predictable, just like I, uhm, predicted. Two: all 36 Eurovision countries, even the ones not participating, could give points. Anyway, I woke up in time for the final results , listed below followed by my comments…

First place: Ukraine. Definitely the best hyped artist… And wildest dance.

Second place: Serbia & Montenegro. My personal favorite.

Third place: Greece. Sexy Enrique look-a-like. Catchy tune, great body.

Fourth place: Turkey. Winner in strangest musical combi: ska from Turkey?!

The Netherlands finished – completely undeserved – at the 20th place, we only got 11 points – thank you, Belgium, Estonia and Malta!

Winners in Solly’s additional categories:

Worst dress: Malta. The Swedish dress was pinker, yet less asymmetric…

Slottiest dress: Poland. Black see-tru thingy. Romania’s corset was runner-up.

Gayest dance: Bosnia & Herzegovina – Disco! Lot´s of hip-movements

Best out of tune: Malta. the chorus was totally off-key.

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