zaterdag, 15 mei 2004

Zero points?

Due to the growing number of European countries wanting to participate in tonight’s 49th Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, the organisation decided that countries (except the ‘Big Four’)that ended up lower than the 10th place last year or didn’t participate last year due to a low score two years ago had to qualify for this years event. 22 Countries competed in the qualifying round last Wednesday, the top 10 qualified for the final – amongst them: the Netherlands!

The Eurovision song contest has evolved from cheesy, via gay pride to cult. How come?

First of all because of the subjective judging – that thing called televoting. It’s hilarious, ’cause it’s so obvious: ‘Support theigh neighbor’. Greece gives points to Cyprus, and vice versa. And, sure, it is just a coincidence that all Baltic countries support each other, and so do the Scandinavian and former USSR ones… Secondly and most important, it’s never the best song that wins, its the best hyped artist. The one that caught everyone’s attention.

Therefore, tonight me and my friends will give points in the some extra categories. Based on their performance in the qualifying round and rehearsals I picked some participants I think will score high in that particular category…

Best song – the Netherlands, Serbia&Montenegro;

Best hyped – Ukraine, Greece

Most out of tune – Malta, Cyprus

Silliest dance – Bosnia&Herzegovina;, Ukraine

Worst dress – Romania, Belgium

I can’t wait for tonight…

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