donderdag, 22 april 2004

Modern talk

“Hello?” (…)

“Sorry you got my voicemail earlier today.” (…)

“My phone crashed” (…)

“How? Well I received a text message and an e-mail while surfing, and it did not like that at all” (…)

“I got a white screen and I tried to reboot it, but that did not work” (…)

*laughs* “No, I don’t have ALT-CTRL-DEL on it” (…)

“I got it back online by uploading new software from the manufacturer’s site” (…)

“Duh! Of course it works, I am talking to you, aint I?” (..)

“I just lost some photo’s, a couple of appointments and unsaved settings” (…)

“No, I still have all my phone numbers, but I know now I should make more back-ups on my memory stick” (…)

“OK, talk to you later” (…)

Yes, they are talking about a mobile phone, not a computer or PDA, but who can tell the difference nowadays…

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