woensdag, 07 april 2004

What’s in a name?

With a first name like mine, it’s always weird to meet some one else who has ‘my’ name. Though it’s a very common name in Scandinavia, you hardly ever hear of it in the rest of the world. A couple of months ago, I saw ‘my’ name on a flyer for a party. A French DJ. Male. His full name is Martin Solveig. “Funny”, I thought, “I was Mrs. Solveig Martin in Delhi.” (If you want to be respected by Indians, you can’t live together with a man without being married -even if you’re engaged. Due to the unpronounceable Dutch last name of my love, we used his middle name: hence, Mrs Solveig Martin). Anyway, Martin Solveig (the DJ) released an album. It’s called ‘Sur la terre’ (On Earth). “Funny”, I thought, “I have an M.Sc. in Earth Science.” And now his newest single is out. On the radio, on MTV, in clubs, I can hear his ‘Rocking Music’! It’s not funny anymore! I am ‘Solly as a Rock’! Just a coincidence? Or ‘Nomen est omen’ (a name is an omen)? A split personality, maybe?

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