donderdag, 04 maart 2004

Snif, sneeze, cough

I officially have the common cold and I hate it!

Three reasons:

First, with common cold, you only have a minor fever. Not high enough to stay in bed for, but enough to make you feel absolutely crappy.

Second, you look sheit (red and running nose, watery eyes… ), you feel sheit (light, yet annoying head-ache, popping ears, obstructed nose), you sound sheit (nasal, hoarse voice) and you act sheit (an ill Aries… Run for cover!).

Third, the only real cure for it is rest, lots of (non alcoholic) drinking and healthy food. No nice pills, nothing actually cures common cold (they only suppress the symptoms). I checked it on commoncolddotorg (I like those simple, yet effective site-names!).

A “get well soon” card ( /comment / mail) will be greatly appreciated (hint, hint).

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