woensdag, 03 maart 2004


So, John Kerry won 9 out of 10 states on Super Tuesday. Why? I do not have a clue. Up till “Iowa” we – people of the old world, hence, Europe – had not even heard of him – even if we had heard his name, he was mentioned “just one of the guys at the sideline”. Today, John F. Kerry might just be the next (thus 44th) president of the USA….

As I have done over the past weeks, I will keep visiting Stephen Elliot’s blog and Electablog to get an inside (read: American’s) view into the USA elections. Apparently, thing were pretty lame and tame till now. The Democrats have chosen the best man – or men, if Edwards becomes the running mate – for the job, the Republicans – with dubya dubya – are ready to strike back… Let the throwing of dirt begin!

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