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dinsdag, 16 mei 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali


She came here in search of a better future, a better life.
She had something to say, she was on a mission.
But our oh, so tolerant country restricted her freedom of speech. She was threatened to be killed by several people. She could not move freely – she was surrounded by security. Then her neighbours robbed her from her only save haven: her house – they were scared by the threat her presence – the controversy that surrounded her – could be to the neighbourhood…
But that was not enough.
Because she lied about her name and country of origin when she applied for Dutch nationality in 1997, the immigration department claims she achieved her Dutch passport on illegal grounds…

True, Ayaan should not have lied, but she never hid this fact. We knew it FOUR years ago. Why act now? Why act so fast? Why endanger her life?
Only because the minister of Immigration is in the race for leadership of a certain political party – the one Ayaan is a member of – she shows her (political) correctness and takes away Ayaans nationality…

“It is difficult to live with so many threats on your life and such a level of police protection,” Hirsi Ali said. “It is difficult to work as a parliamentarian if you have nowhere to live. All that is difficult but not impossible. It has become impossible since last night.”(source)

Dear Ayaan, your methods might have not been the most subtle – to say the least -, but I personally will miss your power, your perseverance. One of the 100 most influential people in the world is forced to move to America. A political refugee. I hope you can live freely there and I hope people will appreciate you for who you are.

maandag, 15 mei 2006

A list of don’t-s


Don’t… refurbish the study (including the introduction of a new Billy) on your first free Saturday in ages;
Don’t… walk 40 km the Sunday after, while your back and bum hurt of all the squatting and lifting you did the day before;
Don’t… wear high heels to your job interview on Monday, while your bum still hurts and your feet are slightly swollen from the march…

zondag, 14 mei 2006

the Queen of poetry


As I said earlier, I love Stevie Ann. Her lyrics, her voice… And I’m not the only one. She did a cover of the Queen song – One year of love – last week live on the radio and Brian May himself loved it!

vrijdag, 05 mei 2006

Freedom of speech


Vandaag organiseerde Pop Organisatie Breda (POB) voor de tweede maal een Bevrijdingsfestival op het Kerkplein. Voorafgaand aan het optreden van een vijftal locale bands, vond een politiek café plaats, waarbij drie jonge Bredase politici spraken over (pop)cultuur, muziek en de nieuwe coalitie. Arend Hardorff (één dag ouder dan ik én onze hooggeëerde woordvoerder Cultuur) vertegenwoordigde de PvdA. Hij ging in debat/gesprek met GroenLinks-raadslid Selçuk Akinci (28, met nieuwe, radicale coupe!) en SP’er Maurice Spapens (35). De drie waren het in grote lijnen met elkaar eens: de gemeente is er om initiatieven van jongeren te stimuleren en te faciliteren- maar kom dan wel met die initiatieven. Daarnaast moet Breda een aansprekender imago krijgen (Arend rook nog iets te veel ‘spruitjeslucht’ in de stad), met diversere uitgaansmogelijkheden. Verruiming van de horecasluitingstijden – we blijven het zeggen! – zal daar zeker enorm bij helpen.
Lees meer.

v.l.n.r. Selçuk, Arend en Maurice