zaterdag, 10 september 2005

The long walk

Call me crazy, call me sportive, call me any thing you want, ’cause I will participate in an official Kennedy March tonight (and tomorrow…): The “80 of the Langstraat“. The idea is to walk 80 -eighty- kilometers in 20 hours – though I plan to finish after ‘only’ 14.

Wish me luck, and do a little ‘no rain or thunder’-dance for me!

update @ 11 Sept. 13:30 PM: Well, I made it! I finished number 202 (3000 people participated in this march, no idea yet how many finished), at 10:57 AM after 13 hours and 57 minutes of walking. Pretty tired now, I think I’ll take a nap.

another update @ 13 Sept. 18:13 PM: Only 2258 people finished, the first at 06:48 AM, the last one at 16:52 PM…

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