maandag, 05 september 2005

A tourist in town

Every now and again, you should look at the city you live in with a different view. A tourist’s view. Visit places you normally pass by. Listen to the stories behind that statue, building or square.
I do, once a year.

Yesterday was a lovely weather, yet I had no where to go to, so I decided it was time to do something I would do, if I was in this situation in Paris or even Amsterdam. I went on a guided boat tour – through the canals and under the bridges I normally cross on my way to, well, anywhere.

The narrowest house in town is only 2.3 meters wide. The old, enormous, sewer is still there, closed, yet ready for action in minutes if needed. The chestnut trees have brown leaves already. Not because it’s nearly autumn, but because they are infected with a disease. There is people living under the bridge next door. They have two little tents, a table, a coffee pot and lots of candles in their living room.

I had fun, a bit of new perspective towards the town I live in all of my life and – a bonus! – a tan.

Any suggestions what I should do or visit next time?

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