dinsdag, 23 augustus 2005

Bye, bye sofa…

I slept till 8.30 today. Had an elaborate breakfast, read the paper, did some errands and had lunch. Watched Oprah, decided what to prepare for dinner… Normally, I would be bored like sheit on a day with this little action, but today I am enjoying this laziness to the max. As from tomorrow, it’s “Bye, bye sofa, Hello, office!” Yep, you read it right:

I HAVE A JOB!!! (this definitely is a Caps Lock moment)

40 hours a week, for the next 3 months I will be replacing a lady who’s on maternity leave. Part administrative employee, part secretary at the Water Works’ (dice times 400 ;-) ) extraction and protectionsdepartment. Maybe, I can stay after 3 months or grow within the department (extraction of water, extraction of gas or oil, what’s the difference?) or if I leave, at least I’ll have some work experience to add to my resume!

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