woensdag, 18 mei 2005


I walked 30, 40 and 30 kilometers on respectively last Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
I went to see a certain 100% female DJ last Saturday and – how do I say this nicely – it wasn’t what I expected. The music she played was flat, uninspired, there was no contact with the audience… Elevator music. The ‘warming-up DJ’ was much better!
The outdoor party I went to on Sunday was much more fun! The music was not really my favorite, but at least it was uplifting and energetic. Plus there were lots of friends and happy people.
I spent yesterday morning with Sonne, my one year old baby sit kid. The afternoon was filled with five hours of painting a two-story window frame, at Big BiL’s. I had lots of fun painting and chatting with X10, my pregnant – of two!- sister in law.
As I had a pretty busy couple of days, I have decided to do nothing today. No e-mails, no paperwork, no nothing. I am booked again for various indoor and outdoor activities from tomorrow till the end of next week…
If anyone wants to clean my apartment, feel free. I can not seem to find the time for it myself.

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