woensdag, 04 mei 2005

BiL power

L’il BiL *) has Becker Muscular Dystrophy: a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and affects only males. It is a milder variant of the better known Duchenne type of MD. Unfortunately there is no cure at present, but Becker is generally slowly progressive – yet he might end up in a wheelchair around his 40s or 50s… Right now, he is recalcitrant, frustrated about his physical limitations and refusing to accept his disease. In short: a very normal adolescent ;-)

L’il BiL started college two years ago. First he tried Civil engineering, but that was terribly dry material. Now, he studies Bio-Informatics, but the extensive computer programming is too much for his muscles. He has developed RSI. So next year, he wants to enroll in Media & Entertainment Management. I looked at the brochure and it seems perfect for him! Creativity ├índ management: that’s L’il BiL.

Unfortunately, the college has an intake selection. In order to make a smashing impression on the selection committee, he has decided to not only write a catchy application letter, but also design a flashing website. Great idea, but how about the realisation? The guy has RSI, remember? That’s why we have come to the rescue. We love him *coughs* very much *coughs*, so I type the letter, and MyLove designs the site – with L’il BiL’s instructions of course. In order to find the perfect background for his site, we looked on the net. I clicked here, and there, and where ever he pointed at.

I clicked a couple of clicks to much: this morning I woke up with a very painful right shoulder blade muscle. Every word I type hurts and I click left-handed now.

However, I will finish his letter of application today. Pain or no pain. My muscle aches will go away after a bit of rest – and a proper seating position behind my PC. L’il BiL’s won’t.

*) MyLove has 3 brothers: one is older (32), two are younger (23 and 20). Hence, I have 3 Brother-in-Laws, or BiLs. According to the annotation of famous trios in fairy tales (the Three Bears, Three Little Piggies), I call them Big BiL, Middle BiL and L’il BiL. Capice?

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