zondag, 01 mei 2005


This year’s Queensday was a ball! Unlike last year, me and MyLove did not go to Amsterdam, yet we spent it in our home town. I had two six-packs of Schultenbrau half liter cans in my backpack, some money to spend and a cell phone to find our friends. When the sun started to break through around noon, nothing could go wrong! First we went to the Vrijmarkt in the Town Park. I bought U2′s October – I only had a vinyl version, full of scratches – for two euros, and MyLove bought the complete works of Dr. Alban – sentimental reasons, I hope – for one euro a piece. Then we met up with my brother and his family and chilled a bit in the grass. Our friends joined us a bit later. Somewhere around diner time I had a large portion of chips – with lots of mayonnaise (see Pulp Fiction) – and the whole gang strolled to the Central Square. We did a little dance, had a lot of fun and finished the beer. MyLove had a gig that night, so he left the party at 8. I went to bed a midnight and had happy, orange coloured dreams!

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