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vrijdag, 27 mei 2005

Scratch 2005


*scratch, scratch*
Thanks to the mosquito community inside my apartment – who kept me awake all night with their annoying buzzing activities!- , I hereby declare the mosquito-season 2005 officially open!
*scratch, scratch*

donderdag, 26 mei 2005

DIY Geology


Apparently, my kitchen is a geological laboratory. I have coal in my electrical oven and a glacier in my freezer. This morning, I discovered at least 8 millimeters of carbonate deposition in my kettle. What’s next, the formation of a delta in my sink?

woensdag, 25 mei 2005

Job Ad


Despite my geological background – M.Sc. and mud logging experience with Halliburton – I can not seem to find a decent job that area. I am ready to switch carriers, but I have no clue in which direction I should look – most non oil/gas companies have no clue what to do with a geologist either…
I have strong communication skills – written and verbal-, excellent analytical skills, I am a problem solver, well organised, flexible, creative, enthusiastic and eager to learn new stuff. I want a challenging job, preferably projects, maybe a bit of research… I am not exactly sure what I want, but I do now that I don’t want to do the same thing every single day.
Any suggestions?

maandag, 23 mei 2005

Life at the Solly mansion


After several attempts to shout a question across the apartment to MyLove, I walk the ‘distance’ from my desktop in the study to MyLove – and his laptop – in the winter garden. “Could you please log in to Messenger?”, and return to the study.

*ping*. MyLove has logged in.
*ping*. “Coffee?”
I smile. MSN Messenger really makes conversation easier… ;-)

zaterdag, 21 mei 2005

Heroes of Techno


After last weeks dance deception, we desperately needed a proper dose of pounding techno. And we got it! Last night, we danced six hours non-stop (!!!) to the industrial, original and uplifting techno beats of Michel de Hey, James Ruskin and Ben Sims at P60. Here’s some photos
I can go to sleep now – with a smile on my face!
Boom-takka-takka-takka, boom-takka-takka-takka, zzz…

woensdag, 18 mei 2005



I walked 30, 40 and 30 kilometers on respectively last Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
I went to see a certain 100% female DJ last Saturday and – how do I say this nicely – it wasn’t what I expected. The music she played was flat, uninspired, there was no contact with the audience… Elevator music. The ‘warming-up DJ’ was much better!
The outdoor party I went to on Sunday was much more fun! The music was not really my favorite, but at least it was uplifting and energetic. Plus there were lots of friends and happy people.
I spent yesterday morning with Sonne, my one year old baby sit kid. The afternoon was filled with five hours of painting a two-story window frame, at Big BiL’s. I had lots of fun painting and chatting with X10, my pregnant – of two!- sister in law.
As I had a pretty busy couple of days, I have decided to do nothing today. No e-mails, no paperwork, no nothing. I am booked again for various indoor and outdoor activities from tomorrow till the end of next week…
If anyone wants to clean my apartment, feel free. I can not seem to find the time for it myself.

vrijdag, 13 mei 2005

It’s a boy!


Yesterday at 14:35 PM, two weeks earlier than expected and via a c-section due to a breech presentation, my oldest friend Anouk gave birth to a son, named Mattis. I just went to the hospital to see her, the (still in shock) father and the little boy wonder… No photo’s – sorry – but I will place the birth announcement card (designed by Anouk and MyLove) here somewhere next week.

vrijdag, 13 mei 2005

Ignorance is a bliss


Yesterday was Thursday the 12th, tomorrow is Saturday the 14th. That makes today Friday the…
12+1th or 14-1th.
I refuse to admit it is “that certain number”. All goes well on “that day” as long as I don’t say or think the day/date combination exactly. As soon as I say – write or think- ‘Oh dear, today’s Friday the hummana-hammana’, I realise what mayhem could happen to me on this date and all hell breaks loose immediately.
I will be attacked by a black cat, hit by a falling ladder, trip over a broken mirror and tons of salt will fall on my left shoulder.
But not today. I will just pretend today is Friday the 12plus1th. Period.
Superstitious? I sure am. Cautious? Absolutely!

Anyway, how do you survive this particular day?

woensdag, 11 mei 2005

Desperate housewife…


A mother-of-three is to spend three months in jail instead of paying a parking fine to get a rest from her ‘demanding’ children and ‘lazy’ husband. Maria Brunner waved to neighbours as police drove her away for not paying a £50 fine that had risen to £2,500 because it had been left unpaid. The 38-year-old said she had had enough of scraping a living for her family as a cleaner every day while “my lazy husband sits on his backside doing nothing”. She added: “As long as I get food and a hot shower everyday, I don’t mind being sent to jail. It means I can finally get some rest and relaxation without having to cook, wash and clean for everyone.” (read the complete story on Ananova)

zaterdag, 07 mei 2005

A rainy Saturday…


… and I walked 25 kilometers trough and around ‘Het Amsterdamse Bos‘.