donderdag, 07 april 2005


I am surrounded by mom’s-to-be (3) and brand-new moms (4). It’s just the age, I guess: we’re all in our late twenties, some in their early thirties. Personally, I don’t mind ;-) , as long as they don’t jab about their pregnancy / baby all the time. Most of them know – and respect – my ‘no-kid-of-my-own’ point of view.

However, sometimes, one of my friends dares to address The Subject – 9 out of 10 it will be a guy, by the way. “Why no kids?”, they ask, “You are great with them! You are a cool aunt, a sweet sugar(free) aunty, you baby sit one day a week. Why no kids? You would be a great mom!”


I never have to defend why I don’t like tennis or haven’t taken up curling as a sport. But as a girl in my late twenties, I have to defend the fact I don’t want kids. Ever. I like kids, I know how to ‘handle’ them, but I like giving them back to their parents. I like my life just the way it is: just me, MyLove and the freedom to go do whatever and whenever we want to. This might sound selfcentred, but, hey, it’s MY fecking life.

Thus, for once and for all:
When I inform if the newborn is doing fine, or if the pregnancy is going according to plan… IT’S JUST INTEREST, NO TICKING BIOLOGICAL CLOCK, OKAY?!

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