maandag, 07 maart 2005

Three times a party

When? Friday;
What? Two Sambuca, one black currant gin;
Where? at the bar of the-pub-around-the-corner;
Company? MyLove;
Conversation? about websites, digital cameras (D70 or Eos D20) and the singer / song writer phenomenon (man or women with guitar;
Dancing? nop, only background music;
Journey home? Straight-ish line, snowball throwing.

When? Saturday;
What? Six beer, two Sambuca, one Jagermeister;
Where? Mo-Franco’s Birthday Bash at a two-storey pub;
Company? Everyone but some;
Conversation? about websites, relationships, tattoos, Sambuca versus Jagermeister, techno, bums, boobs, beer, etcetera;
Dancing? Yep. Between and during the babbling; on Techno (2nd floor) and 80-ties pulp (1st floor);
Journey home? Twice as long as normal in a curvy line…

When? Sunday;
What? Three beer, two Sambuca, two white wine;
Where? Soulful Sunday at Oebele;
Company? a few survivors ;-)
Conversation? about my search for work, Frank’s new girl, the night before…
Dancing? nop. Sat at bar, did tap feet to beat, though;
Journey home? Straight line.

Pfff… Fortunately it’s Monday again, so I have 5 days to recover and charge for next weekend!

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