donderdag, 17 februari 2005

Straight out of bed

The best thing to start your day with: coffee. The second best thing to start your day with: brand new hair!

Still sleepy you arrive at the hair stylist. “Coffee?”, he asks. You just nod. One shot of caffeine later, his assistant takes you to the washstand. “Take a seat,” and places a towel in your neck. “Tilt your head back, and relax.” He did not have to add “Enjoy!”, ’cause you will, automatically. Nothing beats getting your hair washed by a professional. Thorough shampooing followed by a 5 minute massage of the scalp to rub in the conditioner. You doze away… A towel is wrapped around your head. “Follow me to your seat”. The hair stylist circles around you, without cutting. He lifts up parts of your hair, combs them with his fingers to the front or to the back of your head. “Short or keep it longer?” “Not too short, shoulder length.” He nods. “Trendy, but not extreme.” Then he starts cutting, slowly yet determined. Tiny bits of hair tickle your nose, bundles of hair falls to the floor. You see the shape of your new coupe. You start smiling, anxious to see the end result. He uses the blow-dryer to get rid of the last bits of cut hair. A bit of shaper… He holds the mirror behind your head, moves it around. “Voilá!” You look, and smile. “Perfect!” You pay, and leave the salon.

Nothing beats brand new hair to boost your ego! It is one of the luxeries I won’t give up, no matter how broke I am. A visit to the hair stylist might cost a few euros, but you feel like a brand new person afterwards.

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