maandag, 14 februari 2005


*’My first, my last, my everything’ by Barry White playing*
I’ve circled this date on the calendar.
I’ve added a warning in MyLove’s Outlook-agenda.
I’ve given him hints – very obvious hints.
This morning, when he left for work, I kissed him tenderly and said “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie”.
“I thought we decided not to celebrate Valentine’s day this year?”
*sound of needle scratching on vinyl*
“After 7 years, do we really need a day introduced by Hallmark to show our love to each other?”
MyLove kissed me goodbye and left me standing – completely flabbergasted.
His speech better be a decoy of some sort, to make sure I will be absolutely surprised when he returns home tonight with a dozen of roses and a little present.
If not, he’s in trouble. Big trouble!

update @ 6 PM: He’s not in trouble… he is sweet *sighs*.

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