zaterdag, 05 februari 2005

Me too!

I got tickets for U2! You don’t? Ha! Read and weep:

This morning, I got up at 4 AM and arrived at the ticket office at 4:30 AM. The ticket sale was supposed to commence at 10 AM, so I thought I would be one of the first. I wasn’t. In fact, I was number 27. Every one in front of me wanted 6 field tickets. If this was the same at each of the 200 pre-sale offices, it was gonna be tricky to get one of the 10.000 field tickets (200*27*6=32.400…). I hoped for the best: if the field would be sold out, at least I could get one of the 40.000 remaining seats in the stadium (again, maths).

The stressful waiting begun. I drank some coffee, I read the paper, I talked to strangers (sorry Mom). I walked a bit, ’cause temperatures had dropped below zero and I was freezing. The queue got larger and larger. Time seemed to slow down near 10 AM. The doors opened a 9:55 AM. A guy walked out and told us the procedure (‘Enter in groups of five, 6 tickets per person blah, blah’). Oh, and by the way, ‘U2 have added two more dates in Amsterdam’. ‘Did we hear that right?’ Yep! ‘I knew it all a long’, a guy 10 persons behind me bragged. Couldn’t he have told me earlier, then I would have had a normal heart rate for those passed hours!

Anyway, at 10 AM sharp, the ticket sale for the first concert commenced. Unfortunately, I had been right – calculus wise. The field tickets sold out after only 15 people – 10 minutes. I waited and let people in front of me, who wanted to have seats. The first concert sold out in 20 minutes. I crossed my fingers, and slowly got closer to the counter.

I got my field tickets for the 2nd concert – at 15 July – at 10:25 AM. I cheered. Out loud.

I just heard on the Dutch news, that all three concerts (150.000 tickets!) were sold out completely after only 1 and a half hours…

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