woensdag, 02 februari 2005


“I’m leaving for my holiday in Goa, India in two weeks. Can I bring you anything?” our down stairs neighbor asked. I looked outside. Rain poured down, grey skies, grumpy looking people with black umbrellas hiding in their grey coats. “Some sun, palm trees, blue skies and smiling people dressed in colourful clothes would be nice”, I thought, remembering my time in India. I dreamt away, on a nice stroll down memory lane.


the down stairs neighbor rudely called me back to the present, “Anything at all?”

I sighed and I gave him a list of book titles. Australian or English books that are rather difficult to buy here, because they are not yet translated or published in Europe are easy to get in India. Indian publishers do cheap reprints of Western bestsellers. ‘To be sold on the Indian subcontinent only’ for less than half of the normal price. A perfect souvenir, as you bring the ‘Indian feeling’ here. Hopefully, I will return to India in the near future!

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