vrijdag, 28 januari 2005

I have a…

I had a job interview last Wednesday. I came well prepared: knew my pro’s, con’s, what, how and why’s. I was dressed to impress, not nervous at all. The interview went perfect, as planned. I liked the company, the job sounded great, I felt a ‘click’ with the HR-guy… I floated on a happy cloud all the way home.

They phoned yesterday.

I did not get the job.

I matched the profile almost perfectly, but some one else was a better match. They did not think I was the right gal for the job. I said ‘too bad, better luck next time’ and hung up after their ‘maybe, good bye’. I cried a bit. For 24 hours I dreamt of a job. A real income, a car… My dream did not become reality- again, and I’m still a bit sad.

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