maandag, 17 januari 2005

No mam

The fact that I don’t want to have children (not now, and most likely not in the future), does not mean that I am ‘against’ having kids. If you women want kids, have ‘em. Make as many as you want, when ever you want. You have my blessing.

Except when you’re really, really old. I think they did invent menopause for a reason, girls! Therefore, I consider it a very selfish act of the Rumanian woman who gave birth at age 66. Selfish? Yep, incredibly selfish! How big is the chance the mother will still be around at the girl’s 18th birthday? Her grandchildren will even never know their grandmother. She had (roughly) 30 years to become a mom. I think that’s enough time. If it won’t happen spontaneously, adopt, try IVF. Or stop trying. But don’t give birth to a kid at an age other women become grandmothers.

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