maandag, 06 december 2004


Every morning promptly at 6 AM: female giggling from the apartment above ours. Quite loud. “Whoo-hee-hee-whoo”. A bit like a happy wake-up call. “Whoo-hee-hee-whoo”. Every single morning.

She giggles a couple of times more at random moments during the day, yet its that morning giggle that puzzles me and MyLove. We aint laughing that early in the morning. We just want coffee. Someone suggested that her man might be ‘sweet’ to her in the morning. We considered that suggestion, but dismissed it. It would explain the 6 AM giggles – talk about routine!… – but not the random ones during the day (we have checked the presence of his car at giggle moments). Another person suggested psychosis or anxiety attacks, and that the giggling is in fact crying. “Whoo-hee-hee-whoo”. Considered, yet dismissed too. This would explain the random giggling, but not the 6 AM ones – unless it’s fear of being left alone?… Nah. She looks like a stable person, happy, and greets us friendly when we see her. Someone suggested we should ask her in person.

Ask her?! That would ruin the fun completely! ‘Guess the time of the giggle’ is one of our favorite games… Plus she makes us smile at 6 AM: “Whoo-hee-hee-whoo”. Our happy wake-up call…

So, does anyone else have a better suggestion?

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