donderdag, 02 december 2004


Prince Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter zur Lippe Biesterfeld died yesterday evening aged 93.

That’s two years older than my grandparents, so even they considered him to be officially old… When his wife HRH Princess Juliana died earlier this year, they (my grandparents) said to me: ‘He won’t outlive her much longer. They were married 67 years: he will miss her too much. She was his reason to live, without her he will lose his will to fight.’ Grandpa and grandma looked at each other, loving, knowingly. They were right – as always.

Three weeks ago, a press release was issued, stating that HRH the Prince was terminally ill – cancer. No treatment was started. He personally said goodbye to his friends and family. In the course of yesterday afternoon, the Prince¬ís condition had deteriorated and he had become extremely poorly. He was admitted to Utrecht University Medical Centre, where, in accordance with his wishes, the decision was taken to desist from further treatment. He is reunited with his beloved wife again, may they live happily in the there-after…

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