dinsdag, 30 november 2004

Ladies night

Tuesday evening. Groups of women gather around the TV. Drink wine, preferably rosé, and watch dramadies – dramatic comedies – like Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls and most importantly: Sex and the City. These TV-evenings have been an excuse for young, intelligent women to escape their busy lives and carriers. Once a week they can be just girls and chat about girl stuff with their best friends – only during commercial breaks, we don’t wanna miss a thing!

Tonight the last episode of Sex and the City will be aired… (I know, I know, the show has finished a year ago in the US, but TV-show-wise we’re a bit behind in this tiny country.) It’s the end of an era. Off course, the evening will be filled with other dramadies, but it will never be the same… *sighs*

Tonight me and my bottle of wine will be on the sofa of my best friend Anne. For the last time we will tell Miranda to be a bit more sensitive, Charlotte to be less romantic, but to remain hopeful, Samantha to stay with Smith ’cause he’s so cute and fight her cancer and Carrie… we will like her outfits – or laugh about them – we will tell her to leave New York and Big behind… though we started to really like Big. I have a bet with my mom: I say Carrie will live happy-ever-after in Paris with Petrovsky, mom says she can’t live without New York or Big. Anne doesn’t know yet. She says we just have to wait and see… and not spoil the fun! (I haven’t read it, I just copied the link)

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