woensdag, 13 oktober 2004


When you are staying in a foreign country, you eat the local food. Naturally. But every know and again, you crave for ‘good old’ fast-food. Hence, you start looking for the nearest McDonalds. It’s so nice and predictable: the same burgers, French fries and sodas, everywhere around the globe! (Though I always try the local McSpeciality: McBeer in France, McKroket in this country, the SuperSize Menu in Houston, the McMaharadja in Delhi (no beef in any of the McBurgers), McPita in Chios…)

Anyway, the first thing I then always look for, is ‘the golden arch. Easy, and works every time. Not for long, though!

After almost 50 successful years, fast food giant McDonald’s is ditching its iconic golden arches for a baffling question mark in a new ad campaign. But a massive question mark hangs over the move. Just why has this global Goliath – which sells around three million burgers a day in the UK alone – decided to ditch its logo for the first time since 1955? (complete story)

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