maandag, 11 oktober 2004

Cold (according to Solly)

Every Autumn, when daytime temperature drops below 15 degC, Winter starts for me. I am skinny – read: not equipped with insulating fat layers – so I feel the cold very easily. I am like an old heating system with a malfunctioning thermostat: cold-blooded, and not able to heat up. When everyone else still walks around in their Autumn-outfit, I have already taken out my gloves, scarf, thick socks and woolen sweaters with a turtleneck. If it gets colder – read: officially Winter -, I just add an extra layer of clothing. (Friend:”Oh dear, you’ve gained some pounds the past month! Phiew, it’s just the combination of your winter coat and two sweaters. Optical illusion.”) Though MyLove laughs his ar*se off about my looks, we have our ‘problems’. He is the warm-blooded type. Not the best combination in Autumn. He turns down the heat, I turn it up. He throws off the extra blanket, I added to the bed. But the worst thing – to him – are my cold feet and bum when I curl up to him in bed!

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