donderdag, 07 oktober 2004


She dances in front of me, wearing a bright coloured outfit. I ignore her. She walks away. 5 seconds later I see her kissing someone, passionately. I laugh. I wonder if the other knows, she came on to me first. They stop for a while to catch their breath. She starts dancing again, more sensual than before. She tries to seduce the other with cooing sounds and a bit of booty. She looks a bit desperate now. I have to stop her, before she makes a fool of herself. It’s SO embarrassing: the other is clearly not interested in more than a kiss. I tap on her shoulder, but she ignores me. She tries to walk away from me, but I grab and hold her tightly. She protests against my rough behavior, but I know its only pro-forma. She’s tired. I put her back in her cage…

The mating behaviour of our one year old agapornis (lovebird) towards our oldest – who is clearly not in the mood – looks very similar to the behaviour of some women in clubs and bars… ;-D

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