zondag, 03 oktober 2004

Lazy Sunday (5)

I woke up this morning with the sound clapping and cheering. “I know I don´t often sleep late, but there´s no need for applause when I am still in bed after 11 AM”, my sleepy mind thought. When I opened my eyes, I discovered there was no enthusiastic crowd in my bedroom. It is standing outside.

From my wintergarden, I can see them running. 21 Kilometers. 3 times they pass the apartment. Kenians in front. Amateurs in the back. Everyone is wearing white running shoes – compulsory? a gift from a sponsor? just a funny coincidence? The crowd cheers and claps. For every one: the fast, the slow and the limping.

I sip my coffee and slowly wake up to the sound of clapping and cheering.

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