donderdag, 30 september 2004

1, 2, 3…

The first time I was not ready yet, I know now. The second time was nor good nor terribly bad, yet I failed, again, but sh*t happens. So I thought third time lucky. Not! I managed to suppress my fear-of-exams with happy thoughts and positive visualisations, yet one minute into my driver’s exam, I discovered my left outside mirror was in a wrong position. “No!”, I thought, “Don’t panic!” Too late. Immediately I could not think normally anymore. I made one mistake after another. Murphy’s Law: anything I could do wrong, I did wrong. And I knew it. It were the longest 35 minutes of my life! When we got out – miraculously unharmed – my instructor looked at me, and asked me what the F* happened?! I had no clue. It felt like some sort of out body experience combined with a total black out. I failed, off course.

The first time, I could blame it on the instructor, the second time, I could blame it on the examiner, this time, the only one I can blame is myself… I am not sure if I want to do this one more time!

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