donderdag, 23 september 2004

To mom or not to mom

Shh…shh…Be very silent… I’m listening if I can hear my biological clock ticking… No *relieved* can’t hear a thing.

You might wonder why was I listening in the first place? Because all my old classmates from school have kids except me? Because half of my friends is pregnant/trying/just delivered – almost infectious? Because of family comments – you are a couple now for a long time, and you have no job at the moment, why don’t you…? Because of my

age? For all those reasons, but mostly because someone asked me last week if I did not WANT to become a mom at all.

To be completely honest: I don’t. I do not want to become a mother yet. Maybe never, who knows? Most people are shocked when I tell them this so bluntly. Apparently the purpose of a woman remains becoming a mum someday. They say: “Maybe you think differently in a couple of years”. I do not think so. (And so does my mum – she never thought about me as a mum someday. I never played ‘mum-and-dad’ or with baby dolls). Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate kids. I like most of them, I adore one or two. But, does it make me a ‘bad’ woman if I don’t want kids of my own?

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