vrijdag, 10 september 2004

Sing along

Next Saturday I have a reunion of my former church choir.

Q – from audience: “Solly, you sung in a church choir?! I mean, can you actually sing?!” A- from Solly herself: *cranky* Yes I can sing! *enthusiastically* But the choir was more than singing alone. It was an excuse to gossip, go wild, kiss guys, go to the local bar after rehearsal… Then there was the whole Catholic church choir and me being Lutheran thing… I had a great time!

Anyway, I have had my share of reunions now – the burden of getting older ;-) – and I´m still not quite sure if I like them. I mean, its fun to meet old friends and find out what has become of them – did they get far in life, is the pretty girl still pretty (or has she gone fat!), is the hunk still hunky … Yet, if it had been ´real friends´ you would have kept contact with them anyway. Then you have the whole unemployment thing… Plus, I used to be a wild chick back in the day… I mean really wild: lots of beer and boys…

Solly´s inner teenager: I still am! I still am a wild chick. Look: Solly going wild! *sighs* Naah, not convincing anymore .

Ah well, for old times sake, I´ll go to the reunion. I won´t kiss, but I will tell!

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