donderdag, 12 augustus 2004


He started out as a DJ in a very small – 150 people max. – venue in my hometown, where I used to party on Saturday night… I was sixteen and off course I was madly in love with the DJ… Twelve years later: twice voted ‘Best DJ of the world’, the world’s first 8 hour DJ-concert in front of an audience of 25.000, knighted… Can things get crazier, bigger or better for this guy?! Yes, they can:

“DJ Tiësto will make Olympic history on Friday, August 13, when he becomes the first DJ ever to perform in an Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Some four billion people will be watching the planet’s premier sport event. No DJ has ever performed at the Olympic Games. In October 2003, Tiësto was approached by the Athens Organizing Committee a DJ-performance of 90 minutes during the parade of the athletes, a part of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. During this parade, all participating nations introduce their athletes, over 10,000 in total. ATHOC has shown it values art and innovation by asking the most popular DJ on Earth to produce the music for the parade. Tiësto will perform his DJ-set live in the Olympic Stadium in Athens. This will include new tracks produced especially for the Opening Ceremony and songs that have been tailored to compliment the spirit of the Ceremony.” (source)

ps. It will be the longest broadcast of dance music ever on the American TV-stations…

pps. MyLove is the resident DJ at that same venue now… Where are the Olympics of 2016 held?

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