dinsdag, 13 juli 2004

Four weddings and a handbag

I have to shop today. For a new outfit. Or three. (By the way: not the shop-aholic “have to”, but the “I don’t like to do it, but there are several reasons why I- have to”). I have a big party on Saturday, the Four Day Marches next week and a wedding next month. (No, not mine. My brother-in-law’s wedding – technically: My Love’s brother’s wedding, ’cause were not married. Yet.) Anyway, this means I need three different pants, 4 tops (one spare), shoes, earrings, … And a new handbag. I don’t like to buy clothes – they never sell what I like – but I like – no, love, no, crave – to buy handbags. To make sure that I return with 3 outfits and only one handbag, and not the other way around, I take my friend Elle with me. She likes – no, loves, no, craves – clothes, not handbags. We neutralise each others’ addictions…

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