maandag, 12 juli 2004

Sporting is bad for your body!

Friday-night I discovered I don’t fit into my favorite party-pants anymore. I can’t pull them higher than halfway up my thighs. Apparently, my thighs have grown bigger in the past couple of months.

I am shocked. I am puzzled. How could this have happened? I do Pilates, I am walking a lot – 40 km every Saturday… I have a six-pack, a waist, my body is sculpted, it’s just the thighs.

I mentioned this little drama to my dad, while we were halfway our weekly 40 km walk – walking this distance takes about 6.5 hours, so you talk a lot, about anything: serious stuff, fun stuff, I know about his life and work, he knows everything about my life, my friends, their lives… He looked at me and laughed. I told him, that it was not funny. Now I have to buy new pants or consider Reduce-Fat-Fast or liposuction! He said: “You walk a lot more often and further than you did before. Have you ever considered the fact that with long-distance walking you increase the muscular tissue in your legs. Especially in the calves, upper-legs, thighs and lower-bum. ..”

*sigh* That’s why I never sported: unwanted side-effects…

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