zondag, 20 juni 2004


I now know how the English fans felt after the last minute defeat of their team… Disillusioned and a terrible hangover…

But still: last night’s Oranje vs Czech Republic game started so well: Germany drew with Latvia, 2-0 ahead 20 minutes into the game (Bouma 7′, van Nistelrooy 19′) and then… Cocu f***ed up, and coach Advocaat made an inexplicable substitution. Robben out?! After that, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. A messy defense, the Czechs stormed back – first through Jan Koller at half-time and then the equaliser from Baros with 19 minutes left into the game. I personally had already settled for a draw, but then… Heitinga got sent off for a second yellow card before the Czechs grabbed their late winner. Damn Smicer!!

The Quarter finals are far away now. We have to defeat the Latvian team, AND Germany has to lose from Czechia next Wednesday. I cross my fingers, how about you?

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